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Light transmission and energy saving

2014 – 2017:
WUR Glastuinbouw has investigated and calculated numerous aspects of this revolutionary greenhouse
covering. This research found that it was possible to achieve hemispherical transmission of 80.7%
and vertical transmission of more than 90.6% for a glass/ lm combination, which is comparable with
a standard covering.

Practical test:

From the beginning of 2015 intensive testing was done with a year-long practical test in the
demonstration greenhouse (500 m²) in the grounds of Wageningen UR in Bleiswijk. This has con rmed
that the theoretical values can be easily achieved in practice. The  nal report by Frank Kempkes of
WUR Glastuinbouw containing the results of the practical test, can be downloaded from the website.

Preliminary results of the practical test:
Dimensions of the greenhouse: span size 4.8m, section size 5m and post height 6m
Covering system: 2SaveEnergy® with clear glass with double AR and diffuse F-Clean
Screen system: double Luxous 1347 FR cavity screen
Tomatoes 2015:
Variety: Cappricia (middle-size cluster)
Year-long energy use: approx. 16m³/m² (goal was 19m³/m²)
Year-long production: approx. 65kg/m² (goal was 63kg/m²)
Cucumbers 2016:
Variety: Hi-Jack
Year-long energy use: approx. 17,5m³/m²
Year-long production approx. 110kg/m² (260 cucumbers)
Tomatoes 2017:
Start new research project: ‘A strong crop with little gas’.
Variety: Cappricia
Goal: exceptional further reduction in energy consumption.