2SaveEnergy®: the new boon to energy-efficient growers

2SaveEnergy® is a new, practical and economical solution for energy-efficient growers.
This all-purpose greenhouse covering contains an outer layer of transparent glass with
a double anti-reflective coating and an under layer of extremely durable, diffuse
F-CLEAN film. In between there is a cavity that can be ventilated.


Example 1: ventilation window closed
Example 2: ventilation window 2 cm ajar



Example 3: ventilation window open



Cavity Covering

The high insulation value of the covering is largely thanks to the cavity (5cm) between the glass and the F CLEAN® film. This special diffuse film is very durable and maintains its anti-condensation properties for at least ten years.

The advantage of ventilation

An exceptional feature of 2SaveEnergy® is the active greenhouse air cavity ventilation. This is desirable to keep the covering free of ice and snow in the winter. To ensure optimum ventilation, the ducts have
openings to the cavity and small ventilators can be connected to them.

Light transmission and energy saving

WUR Glastuinbouw has investigated and calculated numerous aspects of this revolutionary greenhouse covering. This research found that it was possible to achieve hemispherical transmission of 80.7% and vertical transmission of more than 90.6% for a glass/film combination, which is comparable with a standard covering.