Cultivation results of 2SaveEnergy greenhouse on target

The results for both the yield of tomatoes and the energy consumption are on target in the research being conducted in the 2SaveEnergy greenhouse. On an annual basis the aim is to realise 63 kg/m2 of high-quality cluster tomatoes with a gas consumption below 19 m3/m2. The 2SaveEnergy greenhouse has an innovative double covering, consisting of glass and permanent film (yearround) with an insulating air cavity.


The supervisory committee was informed about the preliminary results in August 19 by the researchers Frank Kempkes and Jan Janse from Wageningen UR Glasshouse horticulture. Criticism was expressed about the crop conditions in the trial. The plants were uneven, and the ripening of the clusters was somewhat slow and uneven. It may be better to control according to the light. This means higher daily temperatures on light days and lowering further when it remains dark.

It is important to distinguish two matters in this research: what are the possibilities and any restrictions with the new greenhouse, and what proportion of the result can be attributed to the cultivation strategy, Next Generation Growing? For the greenhouse the light transmission is important. Measurements have revealed this to be 66% at wire height. The ventilation capacity of the greenhouse is lower than usual in practice: in the 2SaveEnergy concept, a maximum of 13.5% opening is possible, compared to 14.5% as the standard. In the current test greenhouse, the ventilation capacity is even lower because the vents are only 20 cm deep while the maximum is 32 cm.

This project is being financed by the Kas als Energiebron programme, the innovation and action programme of LTO Glaskracht Nederland and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.